Black Cat Belly Dance - Egyptian dance instruction & performance by Shannon Bishop
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"Very professional, Very friendly, Beautiful dance, Job well done, Would highly recommend!" - Stephanie M.

This is what people are saying about performances by Shannon.  Are you looking for a way to make your next special event uniquely memorable?  Do you want to get your guests up and dancing?  Let Shannon create an exciting and mesmerizing show, fully tailored to your unique event.  Known for her professionalism, style and grace, Shannon will work with you to create an unforgettable performance that’s fun for all.  Shannon’s shows are family-oriented and appropriate for all ages.

"Shannon was great with communicating with us prior to the event regarding costs, arrival times, and addressing any questions we had. On the night of the event, she was friendly, social, and professional. She is an expert belly dancer and beautiful as well. We’d highly recommend her." - Trisha, January 2020

Every one of Shannon’s performances features traditional music, authentic costuming, and the use of many popular belly dance props, including finger cymbals, veil and sword.  Let Shannon spice up your next event with a dynamic and glamorous belly dance show!

Shannon is available for events such as:
·          Bridal Showers
·         Bachelorette Parties
·         Birthday Parties
·         Sweet 16 Parties
·         “Girls Night In” Events
·         Baby Showers
·         Anniversary Parties
·         Weddings
·         Corporate Events
·         Restaurant Shows
·         Music & Arts Events
Performance Options:

Mini Dance Show - $200 and up
A mini dance show  is typically a short 10 to 15 minute performance, often delivered as a surprise.  The mini show is perfect for a birthday surprise or an office party, or when a quick show is preferred.

Classic Dance Show - $300 and up
A more traditional dance performance that is usually 20 to 30 minutes in length, the classic show starts with exciting entrance that will grab the attention of your guests!  After her entrance, the dancer will often showcase their use of traditional dance props.  And the classic show ends with an exciting drum solo, followed by a lively audience participation section!  This option is perfect for birthday and anniversary parties, weddings and any other special events.

Performance plus a Lesson - $300 and up

A short performance, followed by a fun  dance lesson, is the perfect option for a Girls Night In, bachelorette or Sweet 16 party!  After an upbeat and exciting performance, Shannon will teach you a few of the authentic moves of Egyptian dance, including hip bumps, shimmies and undulations.  Have you ever had questions about the origins of Egyptian dance?  Shannon can also provide a brief talk on the history of the dance.  Usually lasting about an hour, the performance and lesson combo is a fun and stylish way to celebrate a special milestone!

Weddings - $350 and up
Having a dancer at your wedding is a unique yet traditional Middle Eastern custom.  But you don’t have to be Middle Eastern to enjoy this glamorous tradition!  If you are a modern bride who is looking to add a unique and worldly touch to your wedding celebration (and perhaps a bit of good luck!), a professional dancer can do just that.  Shannon will work with you to put together a show tailored to your wedding event, creating a performance that not only entertains your guests, but gets them on the dance floor and leaves them with lasting memories of your special day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a standard dance show?
A typical show is between 20 and 25 minutes long, and features a mix of fast and slow music.  I am happy to work with you to find the perfect set for your special event.

Are your shows appropriate for children?
Absolutely!  In fact, kids are often the first ones to get up and dance along!  All of my shows are fun, classy and appropriate for audiences of all ages.

What sets you apart from other dancers?
I am a skilled and experienced professional dancer who loves Middle Eastern dance…and I can’t wait to share that love with my audiences!  I bring a high level of energy and confidence to every show, as well as a touch of glamour and sparkle.  I am diligent about my dance training, and spend 100+ hours every year studying with master instructors from around the world.  But most importantly, my goal in every performance is to make every audience member want to get up and dance!

Are your rates standard?
Yes.  My rates are standard for a professional, highly-trained entertainer.  My rates reflect my years of training, the preparation and customizing that I will put into your special show, and my high quality costumes (what are your wedding colors?  I’ve got a costume to match!).  Unfortunately, there are many under-trained dancers who will charge less to show up with a pretty hip scarf, but with little to no experience in creating a professional, high quality show.  If you want to leave your guests with unforgettable memories of your special event, I will guarantee you beautiful, high end entertainment.

For more information, here is a great article on why belly dancers charge what they do:
"Behind the Rates - Why Belly Dancers Charge What They Do" by Shems
What kinds of music do you use?  Who provides it?
I am happy to provide you (or your DJ) with music for your event.  I have a large library of music, from traditional Middle Eastern to more modern pop.  I can also provide a small sound system for more intimate events (extra fees may apply).

Are there events that you won’t do?
I won’t perform at bachelor parties or other all male events.

Is tipping appropriate?
While certainly not required, tipping as a “thank you for a great performance” is always greatly appreciated!  A very common way of tipping in the Middle East is through a money shower, in which dollar bills are gently tossed above the dancers head, raining the money down over her.  Tips can also be tucked in the dancer’s hip belt, at her discretion.  And of course, tips are always accepted at the end of the performance.

Can your performance be a surprise?
Sure!  In fact, I usually assume that at least one person at the event will be surprised by the dancer.  I’m happy to work with you to customize the details of the surprise.

How do I book?  How far in advance should I book?
The sooner that you book, the better!  Feel free to contact me by phone by phone or by email:

               (814) 883-1131       

After we talk about the details of your event, I will send you a copy of my contract, which benefits and protects both of us!

"Shannon Bishop is not only a fantastic dancer, she brings people together to experience belly dance with professionalism and flair. I hired her for my store's Grand Opening and she brought such excitement to the event! I would definitely recommend Shannon for all types of parties and events. You won't be disappointed!" - Elaine M., State College, PA

You can also read more reviews at Shannon's Gig Salad profile by clicking here.

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