Black Cat Belly Dance - Egyptian dance instruction & performance by Shannon Bishop
Considering a trip to Egypt with Shannon? 
Check out a few memories of past Black Cat Belly Dance Tours of Egypt for inspiration!

Shannon has been leading tours to Egypt since 2015. Every tour is unique, but focuses on connecting dancers (and non-dancers!) to the history, culture, people, music and dance of Egypt. Shannon works closely with her friends and professional contacts throughout Egypt to bring you a fun, safe experience in one of the most magnificent parts of the world. In addition to running her own tours, she has also assisted Sahra Saeeda in her month-long Journey Through Egypt tours. 

2015 - Cairo and Sharm El Sheik

2016 - Cairo and Sharm El Sheik

2017 - Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor

2018 - Cairo and the Siwa Oasis

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