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About Shannon

Shannon is a professional Egyptian-style dancer based in State College, PA and the Artistic Director of Black Cat Belly Dance, central Pennsylvania's only dance school devoted to Egyptian dance. Since 2006 she has been the region's only instructor of Egyptian Raqs Sharqi (belly dance) as well as Raqs Baladi and the folkloric dances of Egypt and the Middle East, including Saidi, Fellahi, Khaleegy, Melaya Leff, Ghawazee, Nubian, Shaabi, Simsimayya and more. 


Shannon began her studies of Middle Eastern dance with Fikriyyah (formerly of Lewisburg, PA) and immediately fell in love with this culturally rich art form. As a student of Middle Eastern dance, Shannon is continually expanding her repertoire, and while she specializes in Egyptian dance, she also trains diligently in many styles of belly dance.  She furthers her training through workshops and intensives with many of the top names in the field, with dancers from around the world. Her primary instructor of Egyptian dance is internationally known instructor and star of Egyptian dance, and dance ethnologist, Sahra Saeeda. Shannon travels to Egypt at least once a year, where she continues her training with Egypt's top instructors. 


Shannon has hosted dance tours to Egypt since 2015 - not just for sightseeing, but to connect people to the arts and culture of the region. See our Travel to Egypt page for more information and photos from past tours!


As a workshop sponsor, Shannon has hosted an array of dancers from around the world, including Artemis Mourat, Sahra Saeeda, Leila Farid, Vanessa of Cairo, Nada el Masriya, Shahrzad and more.  She has produced countless Middle Eastern music and dance events in central PA, and was a founding member of the 

Central PA Theatre and Dance Festival. 


Known for her professionalism and the elegance and passion that she brings to every performance, Shannon is the region's most widely recognized performer. Both as a soloist and as the director of her professional dance troupe, she is a featured dancer at several local establishments, as well as many regional festivals and celebrations across the East Coast. You can see her perform regularly at:

The Greek

102 E. Clinton Avenue

State College, PA 16803

(814) 308-8822


***Shows on select Friday nights at 6:30  & 7:30pm.  

Shannon is also a highly sought-after performer for parties, weddings and other special events throughout Pennsylvania. To hire Shannon for your next special event, visit our Booking page!

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