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2024 Online and In-Person
Class Schedule

Black Cat Belly Dance is currently offering  a hybrid option for all classes!

Join us online via Zoom or in-person at Black Cat Studo.

Message Shannon to see what option is best for you at this time!

Shannon Bishop offers a wide range of Egyptian dance classes, at locations across the area, through her dance school, Black Cat Belly Dance.  Feel free to contact her if you are unsure as to which class is right for you.  And for the most up-to-date class information, please join the Black Cat Belly Dance Facebook group.


Belly dancing has historically been a dance of celebration that brings communities of people together, and that is how Shannon approaches her dance classes.  They are fun and non-competitive, and each student is able to grow at their own pace.  In addition to teaching dance fundamentals, Shannon also provides a foundation in the history and culture of the dance, as well as skills in developing stage presence, dance musicality, prop work and improvisation and choreography technique.  An in-depth study of Arabic music and music theory, as well as basic Arabic language skills for music, is also covered in advanced level classes.

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Shannon (and Frank) in Black Cat Studio

An all new 5-week Level One session begins September 11, 2024!
Please note that each Level One class is 45 minutes long. 

Select your class and pricing option below to register for an online class!

After you register, you will receive the Zoom link and password by email.

Please note: the Zoom link will be sent to the email address associated with your PayPal account. Email Shannon if you have a different email address that you would like to use.

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Level One Belly Dance
5-week session - $48

In this introductory class, you will learn the core movements of belly dance, including shimmies, undulations, hip circles and more. Using both fast and slow movements, we will connect the moves into creative combinations…and you will be dancing in your first class! Each session of this class will focus on the history and stylizations of belly dance, comparing & contrasting Egyptian style with other styles of belly dance, and exploring the cultural roots of the dance and music. No experience is necessary to join this class! Each class is 45 minutes - Wednesday nights, 5:30 to 6:15 pm.

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Level Two
Egyptian Dance:
Raqs Sharqi and Folklore

8-week session - $110

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This class you will forcus on Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Egyptian Foklore, alternating between sessions. In Raqs Sharqi (belly dance) focused sessions, we will study the history and music of Egyptian style, as well as the core techniques and combinations. This class will also cover each part of a traditional Egyptian style belly dance show, including choreographed and improvisational sections. Famous Egyptian dancers and musicians will be highlighted, as well as an in-depth study of Middle Eastern rhythms and musicality.

Great belly dancers know how to recognize and dance to the folkloric music of Egypt! Intermediate level techniques, short combinations and full choreographies will be taught in the Folklore focused sessions. Students will learn about the dance regions of Egypt and the folkloric dances from each region that are an important part of every belly dancer's repertoire. Emphasis will be placed on the culture and history of each dance, as well as the music and costuming for each dance. 


 The prerequisite for this class is a minimum of two Level 1 sessions. Each class is 60 minutes - Monday nights, 5:30 to 6:30 pm.

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Private Lessons


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Shannon also offers private and semi-private lessons at Black Cat Studio. The rate for private lessons is $65 per hour. A special package price of $175 for 3 one-hour lessons is also available. Lessons can be shared at an additional rate of $10 per hour, per additional person.  Private lessons are a great way to make up missed material, or to really boost your dancing to the next level!


$25 gift certificate

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Looking for a unique gift idea? Give the gift of dance! Black Cat Belly Dance is pleased to offer gift certificates in any amount. They are good for a full year and can be used for classes or workshops. Choose one of the pre-selected amounts or send a message to select a custom amount. Gift certificates will be emailed.

$50 gift certificate

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$100 gift certificate

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*If Covid conditions warrant, classes may temporarily revert to an all online format. Refunds will not be given once the session has begun.

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